QVS HD-ADEX2 HDMI Audio Extractor with HDMI Pass Through Port & Built-in 2-Port DA


Sale price$72.95


Extracts audio signal from HDMI and converts to SPDIF with Toslink or RCA stereo audio. Features HDMI pass through to preserve the original audio and video source signal to the display. Works with computer, DVD, Blu-ray player, game console, headphone, A/V receiver and speaker. Ideal for home theater, training facilities and presentation room. Includes universal power adaptor. HDCP v1.3 Compliant. (Input Voltage: 100-240v 60Hz 0.25Amp / Output Voltage: 5vDC 1Amp; Connectors: Input: HDMI / Output: HDMI, Toslink, RCA)

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