Weller WLTSF08IBU75 3-Pack Single Flat Soldering Tip 0.8mm for WLBU75


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  • Single Flat 0.8mm Tip
  • Single Flat tip helps deliver heat to solder joints greater than 0.8mm wide on PCBs and can also be used for general soldering tasks
  • Compatible with WLBU75 & WLBUK75
Replacement Single Flat 0.8mm Tip for WLBU75 Weller's Cordless Butane Soldering Iron. The Signal Flat is easy to replace without a tool and is perfect for your electronic soldering tasks. Solder on-the-go with Weller's Soldering Iron & Heat Tool. 25W-75W butane provides continuous nostop soldering. With quick and easy butane refills, wide range of tips, auto shut off, and the ability to convert for hot air/torch applications, it's perfect for your soldering tasks.

Join wires (>8AWG), micro-electronics, drones, small appliances, model railroads, audio components, electronic repair, automotive, marine, hobby kits, and crafts
Toolless tip change: Tip is easy to change by pulling the old tip off and pushing new tip on (turn off soldering iron and allow tip to cool before removal)
  • Tip Size: 0.8mm
  • Compatible with: WLBU75, WLBUK75
  • Tip shape: Single Flat
  • Length mm: 28
  • Packaging unit: 3
  • Width of tips in mm: 0.8

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