Weller ML500MP Mini Butane Soldering Iron


Sale price$28.95


The Weller ML500MP mini soldering iron is compact and lightweight, making it a convenient option for repairs and work on the go. It features a piezo electronic ignition system for consistent ignition, and an adjustable gas flow valve that controls the temperature range between 750°F and 900°F. With a fuel level window and up to 3 minutes of continuous use on medium setting, this mini soldering iron can also be used as a mini-torch when the tip is removed. The name Weller carries a significant legacy in the soldering industry, with Carl Weller patenting the first hand-soldering tool to heat and cool rapidly in 1941. Founded in 1945 near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA as a family partnership, Weller Manufacturing Company has become a trusted source for quality and reliability by manufacturers around the world.

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