VMP ERVWC-2U20 2U Vertical Equipment Wall Cabinet with Locking Hinged Body - Black


Sale price$279.95


The VMP ERVWC-2U20 2U Vertical Equipment Wall Cabinet in Black offers a 20" usable vertical depth and adjustable mounting rails to fit a variety of equipment. Its reversible, vented front door and locking hinged body provide cooling and security, while the top and bottom cable ports, threaded mounting holes, and marked rack spaces allow for organized and efficient cable management. With a slide-out 1U bracket for patch panels and a load capacity of 150 lbs, this cabinet has an overall size of 28.7"H x 25.3"W x 4.5"D and is perfect for remote locations with limited floor space. Its ultra low profile and included assembly make it a convenient and practical choice for securely mounting rack equipment.

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