Thrustmaster 4460210 TCA Yoke Pack Boeing Edition - PC, XBOX

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The Thrustmaster 4460210 TCA Yoke Pack Boeing Edition is an officially-licensed aviation system designed for Xbox (Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S) and PC. This product, licensed by both Boeing and Xbox, replicates the controls, flight kinematics, and sensations of piloting a real Boeing 787 airliner. The 1:1 scale ergonimic replicas of the iconic Boeing yoke and throttle quadrant, along with the suspended PENDUL_R mechanism and adjustable yoke springs, provide an outstanding level of control. The 100% metal internal yoke structure ensures sturdiness and balanced weight distribution for a longer product lifespan. Additionally, the throttle quadrant features the iconic Boeing autopilot, with control over altitude, airspeed, and heading. The flight controllers are automatically integrated into Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series X|S and PC. The controllers also come with attachment systems and magnetic technology for each main axis. With 35 action buttons, and magnetic technology for each of the flight controllers’ main axes (yoke and throttle quadrant).

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