Simply45 S45-S01BL Blue Adjustable LAN Cable Stripper for Shielded & Unshielded Cat7a/6a/6/5e

SKU: S45-S01BL MFR# S45-S01BL

Sale price$18.50


  • Lightweight Easy to Use
  • Adjustable stripper for UTP and STP LAN cables
  • Built-in cable cutter (copper cables only)
  • Built-in wire conductor straightener
  • Built-in flat cable stripper function
  • Adjustable blade depth prevents damage to conductors
  • Works great for Plenum, LSZH, PE & PVC cable jackets 
  • USA Designed
  • TAA Compliant
The Simply45 Professional LAN Cable Stripper is a patented easy-to-use professional LAN cable stripper that is adjustable to professionally strip both unshielded (UTP) and shielded (STP) copper LAN cables. The S45-S01BL easily strips Cat7a, Cat7, Cat6a, Cat6, Cat5e, Cat3 shielded and unshielded networking cables. This is a must-have in every installer’s tool kit.

Turning Knob for Precise Stripping Depth. It is very easy to adjust the stripping depth of the S45-S01BL Adjustable LAN Cable Stripper. Simply turn the knob counterclockwise to raise the trimming blade or turn the knob clockwise to lower the trimming blade to the cable jacket. You will notice that the knob is a little stiff. This is important as the tool holds its position in the same place so that you can complete multiple cable strips without having to adjust the tool each time.

Works with All LAN Cables – Shielded and Unshielded. The S45-S01BL will professionally strip all of the standard LAN cable types shielded and unshielded including Cat7a, Cat7, Cat6a, Cat6, Cat5e, and Cat3.

Works with Most LAN Cable Jacket Types. The S45-S01BL Adjustable LAN Cable Stripper will professionally strip most jacket types from CMP Plenum, CMR, CM, PVC, LSZH, PE, PUR, and Direct Burial. It is not to be used on Coax cables.

Professionally Strip Speaker Cables. The S45-S01BL Adjustable LAN Cable Stripper also works great to strip Speaker Cables and Audio Cables with jacket types listed above.

Built-In Wire Straightener Comb. The S45-S01BL Adjustable LAN Cable Stripper has a built-in wire straightener comb for straightening LAN cable wire conductors. This is a really great feature and works faster than other devices you may be using now.

Built-In Wire Cutter. The S45-S01BL includes a built-in LAN cable cutter. This can also be used to cut copper speakers and audio cables. Do not use to cut steel core cables or coax cables.

Built-In Flat Cable Stripper. Quickly and easily strip flat LAN and copper speaker/audio cables.

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