Simply45 DO-U001 The Dongler Unloaded Pigtail Dongle and Ring Holder Adapter Kit

SKU: DO-U001 MFR# DO-U001

Sale price$59.90


  • (3) Dongle Harnesses for attaching pigtail dongles
  • (3) Adapter Harnesses for attaching adapters
  • (1) HDMI Dongle Harness for securely attaching The Dongler to the HDMI cable
  • (1) Harness Tool for locking your Dongle Harnesses
DO-U001 – The Dongler – Unloaded
The Dongler Unloaded – This is the first true universal pigtail dongle & adapter ring holder. Quick & Easy to attach your dongles & adapters. Includes combination lock plus (3) Pigtail Dongle Harnesses, (3) Adapter Harnesses, (1) HDMI infrastructure cable harness, (1) harness locking tool & extra screw/lock. All with instructions.

The Dongler Unloaded consists of a plastic-coated cut-resistant steel ring connected to a combination lock. This allows for easy dongle/adapter changing and for anchoring The Dongler to desks, tables or any secure structure. The dongle/adapter harnesses are also plastic-coated cut-resistant steel for securely holding your dongles and adapters.

Dongle Harness – Simply slide the wire loop over your pigtail dongle and tighten loosely around the dongle cable. Then use the Dongle Harness tool to securely lock the harness into place.

Adapter Harness – Simply remove the cover on the industrial-strength sticky pad and press firmly in the middle of the adapter. The Harness is now permanently affixed to the adapter. For additional details see Instruction Booklet inside of the box. Limited 2 Year Warranty. You can easily add more dongles or adapters with our Dongle Harnesses (Part: DO-H100) and Adapter Harnesses (Part: DO-H200), all sold separately. For the highest quality dongles and adapters, we recommend using The Dongler brand dongles and adapters.

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