Simply45 DO-H001 3-Pack Universal Dongle Harness for The Dongler

SKU: DO-H001 MFR# DO-H001

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  • 3-Pack
  • Universal Dongle Harness
  • for use with The Dongler
Simply45 DO-H001 The Dongler - Universal Dongle Harness 3 Pack - 1 Ea/Bag

The Dongler is the first true Universal Dongle & Adapter Ring Holder. The Dongler keeps all brands of dongles and adapters corralled and secured for their next connection.

The Dongler Harnesses are an innovative and easy way to secure your dongles to The Dongler. The Dongle Harnesses are used to attach any “pigtail” dongle adapter to The Dongler. These Dongle Harnesses can be added to all Dongler models. If you need to attach an adapter without a pigtail, please use our Adapter Harness (part: DO-H002).

This package contains:

  • (3) Dongle Harnesses for attaching any pigtail dongle adapter,
  • (2) Spare hex lock and screws
  • (1) Harness Tool for locking/unlocking your dongle to the Dongle Harness.

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