SERRACK STV-OB5U5350GS-B 5U 19" Wall Mount Locking Cabinet - Black


Sale price$139.95


This 5U 19" wall-mount cabinet, the SERRACK STV-OB5U5350GS-B, is a top choice for network distribution needs. Its sleek and functional design allows for easy access and a professional appearance. The cabinet can be mounted on walls, floors, or ceilings and is compatible with 19-inch devices. Constructed from high-quality galvanized steel (1311 quality), this cabinet is both durable and efficient. It features 3U width and 2U depth for mounting brackets and includes a fan attachment location on the door and wall-mounting holes. Its 1.5mm thick steel supporting structure adds to its strength and longevity. Use it as a 5U wall-mounted network equipment enclosure, ideal for housing devices such as modems, DVRs, and UPS power supplies. Its ergonomic design allows for easy operation and assembly, making it an excellent choice for an office box or PC cabinet case.

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