SERRACK STV-FAN2-WM-OAT 2-Fan Cooling & Ventilation Wall-Mounted Server Rack Module with Analog Thermostat & On/Off Switch


Sale price$89.95


The STV-FAN2-WM-OAT SERRACK 2-Fan Cooling & Ventilation Wall-Mounted Server Rack Module features an Analog Thermostat & On/Off Switch, with technical values of 13.8/11.8 W, 220/240 VAC, and 50/60 Hz. The fan operates with a noise level of 42-47 dB, is made from 1311 quality galvanized material, and has a sheet thickness of 1.2 mm. This efficient module ensures optimal air circulation and cooling for your 19 inch rack cabinets. The trusted brand SERRACK offers this 2-Fan Module for effective ventilation in your network cabinets. It comes with an integrated on/off switch and analog thermostat, with an operating range of 0 to 35°C for precise temperature control. Trust this fan module for quiet and reliable cooling in your wall-mounted server rack cabinets.

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