SERRACK STV-FAN2-FS-OAT 2-Fan Cooling & Ventilation Module with Analog Thermostat & On/Off Switch


Sale price$89.95


Introducing the SERRACK STV-FAN2-FS-OAT 2-Fan Cooling & Ventilation Module, a top choice for keeping your 19 inch rack cabinets cool and efficiently running your equipment. Made with the highest quality galvanized material and available in Ral 9005 color, this module features an integrated On/Off switch and adjustable analog thermostat. It operates at a low noise level of 42-47 dB and effectively manages temperature with its advanced features. Trust the experts at SERRACK, a leading brand in rack cabinet solutions, to provide reliable and convenient ventilation options for your server rack cabinets. Upgrade to the 2-Fan Module today for improved air circulation and cooling.

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