RapcoHorizon SP-1DFN Single Gang Anodized Aluminum Wall Plate with Female XLR Connector


Sale price$16.95


  • Brushed Anodized Aluminum 1/8"
  • Single Gang Wall Plate
  • Neutrik NC3FD-L-1 Female XLR Connector
  • 3-Pole Female Receptacle
  • Solder Cups (3-7 Pole)
  • Silver Contacts

The RapcoHorizon SP-1DFN single gang wall plate is the perfect audio accessory for your studio. Crafted from anodized 1/8" aluminum and featuring a Neutrik NC3FD-L-1 connector, this plate guarantees superior durability and sound clarity. Its 2.75 inches (width) x 4.5 inches (height) size ensures that it easily fits in any space.

The Neutrik NC3FD-L-1 is a high-performance 3-pole XLR panel mount connector, metal housing and silver contacts. The universal D-size design offers secure connection for microphones, line-level devices, and other signal-carrying applications. UL-recognized components ensure reliable operation.

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