QVS USB-C5 USB CAT5/6 Active Repeater for Up to 165ft


Sale price$34.95


  • Actively regenerates the signal
  • Ideal for keyboard/mouse
  • Includes transmitter and receiver
  • Works with PC Windows and Apple/Mac
    • Note: Not compatible with webcam or continuous video data feeds
This USB-C5 USB CAT5/6 Active Repeater from QVS extends the reach of your USB peripherals up to 165ft using regular CAT5/5e/6 RJ45 cables. It actively regenerates signals to maintain data integrity and is compatible with both PC/Windows and Apple/Mac devices. The included transmitter and receiver modules provide flexibility for USB devices, making it ideal for use with security and surveillance video, PC digital audio systems, and other peripherals beyond the reach of standard cables. It requires solid core CAT5e/6 cables for optimal performance, and webcams will need at least a USB 2.0 connection to support continuous video feeds. Please note that solid core cables are necessary for runs longer than 50ft. (Connectors: Transmitter with Built-in 11 Inches USB Cable - USB A Male to RJ45 Female; Receiver with Built-in 11 Inches USB Cable - USB A Female to RJ45 Female)

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