Platinum Tools TDG310K1C RJ45/RJ11/BNC Cable Digital Tone and Probe Kit


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  • Trace and Locate Cables in Unpowered or Live Circuits
  • Audible and Visual Signal Strength Indicators
  • Built-In Testing of RJ45 Terminations
  • Check Status of Analog Phone Lines
  • Built-In High-Intensity Flashlight
The TDG310K1C Digital Tone and Probe Kit is the perfect tool for locating and identifying single or bundles of cables connected to powered and unpowered networks. It can detect the continuity of the pins on both sides of network cables, test for shorts, and verify correct termination of RJ45 connections. It also features an LED wire map, shielding continuity indicator, a check cable type indicator, and a built-in high-intensity flashlight. It has an audio output to connect external speakers or a mono earphone jack, and supports silent mode.
  • Digital Signal (Rejects Noise and False Signals): RJ45 Twisted pair, RJ11 telephone line, BNC cable etc.
  • Continuity Test of RJ45 Cable Connectors: Detect the continuity of the pins on both sides of network cable and short circuits
  • Audio Output: Supports external audio output and mono earphone jack
  • UTP Cable Test: LED wire map, shielded cable and shielding continuity indicator, check cable type indicator: straight/cross/other
  • LED Flashlight: Short press to turn LED flashlight on or off
  • Silent Mode: Long press on the Mute key to switch to silent mode

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