Platinum Tools' Shielded EZ-RJ45 Plugs - 10 Pack

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  • EZ-RJ45? Design Allows The Wires To Pass Through The Connector So The Twists In Each Pair Can Be Pulled Closer To The Contacts Than Conventional Plugs.
  • Maintaining the Twists to the Point Of Termination Significantly Decreases Crosstalk and Markedly Increases Performance.
  • Fully Shielded Products Provide Reduced Pair-To-Pair Crosstalk, Alien Crosstalk, And Considerably Improved Immunity To Noise At All Frequencies.
  • Significantly Improve Shannon Capacity.
  • Substantially Improve Noise Immunity At All Frequencies, Especially Above 30 MHz When Cable Balance Starts To Significantly Degrade.
Platinum Tools' Shielded EZ-RJ45 Plugs - 10 Pack

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