NTE Electronics 78-SH-308 10g Drip & Clog Proof Precision Tip Dispenser SureHold Super Glue

SKU: 78-SH-308 MFR# 78-SH-308

Sale price$4.99


  • Patented Drip-Proof, Clog-Proof Precision Tip Applicator
  • Dispenser provides precise and controlled distribution of the glue (drop by drop)
  • Tube won’t clog up after repeated use, use tube again and again
  • Minimal clean up, glue is drawn back into the tube once pressure is released
  • Ideal for Metal, Wood, Glass, Rubber & Plastic
  • Bonds in seconds
SureHold Super Glue Drip & Clog Proof with Precision Tip Dispenser
A fast-setting adhesive that provides a strong, permanent bond to most non-porous materials.

Everyone has experienced the agony of purchasing a Super Glue product, using it once, only to find the cap has glued itself shut, or worse, the entire tube has dried up. SureHold has taken this complaint and has engineered a patented a delivery system that eliminates that issue.

Push the Yellow Button on tube cap to puncture seal, twist off cap and apply glue

Stores longer than most glues, a minimum of 12 months shelf life once the product has been opened and used.

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