NTE Electronics 76-HISBC16 16~14 AWG Waterproof Internal Fluxed Solder Ring Heat Shrink Insulated Butt Connector


Sale price$13.95


The NTE Electronics 76-HISBC16 is a 16~14 AWG waterproof butt connector with internal fluxed solder ring and heat shrink insulation. It has a maximum electrical rating of 600 volts and can withstand temperatures between -10C to +105C. The terminal is made of copper tube and is electro tin plated, while the insulation is provided by a heat shrinkable tube. No crimping is required for installation, and the transparent heat shrink sleeve is color coded to industry standard wire gauges, allowing for precise visual inspection. This butt connector offers greater pull strength compared to PVC or nylon insulated ones and is also corrosion-resistant thanks to its fully waterproof seal. It is rated for 1000V and +125C, with a 2:1 shrink ratio, and is lead-free.

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