NTE Electronics 23-BH2-3 AA 2-Cell Side-By-Side Battery Holder with Tinned Leads

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  • AA 2-Cell Battery Holder
  • Side-By-Side Configuration
  • 5.9" 26AWG Tinned Leads
  • Battery Securely Held in Place to Assure a Positive Connection and Maintain a Low Contact Resistance
  • Contact Springs are Self−Adjusting to Accommodate Variations in Battery Length
  • Withstands Shock and Vibration
NTE Electronics 23-BH2-3 2-Cell AA Side-By-Side Battery Holder with Leads is a 2-cell AA side-by-side battery holder with leads. This battery holder is designed to securely hold two AA batteries in a side-by-side configuration and has two wire leads for easy connection to an electronic circuit.

The battery holder is made of durable black thermoplastic and has a snap-on cover to keep the batteries securely in place. The wire leads are approximately 5.9 inches long and have tinned ends for easy soldering.

This battery holder is commonly used in a wide range of electronic devices, including toys, remote controls, and portable audio equipment. It provides a convenient and reliable way to power electronic circuits that require a 3V DC power supply from two AA batteries.
  • Holder: ABS Plastic
  • Springs: Brass, Nickel Plated
  • Wires (Red & Black): 5.9" #26AWG, Tinned, .118 (3.0) End Strip
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 2.244 (57.0) x 1.268 (32.2) x .602 (15.3)

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