Klein Tools VDV500-820 Tone & Probe PRO Wire Tracing Kit

SKU: VDV500-820 MFR# VDV500-820

Sale price$84.95


  • Includes a professional grade analog tone generator and tracing probe for open-ended, non-energized wiring
  • Toner-Pro features 5 distinct tone cadences, transmits 1,000+ feet
  • Rugged Angled Bed of Nails (ABN) clips securely attach to wires
  • RJ11 plug easily connects to telephone and RJ45 data jacks to tone wire pair
  • Toner-Pro tests for continuity and polarity with results indicated by clearly labeled LEDs
  • Work light on probe tip for use in dark spaces
  • Terminal block on probe to confirm the toned pair
  • Each tool includes 4X AAA batteries
  • Custom, padded, divided, zipper pouch for convenient storage (VDV770-500) included with kit
The Klein Tools VDV500-820 Tone & Probe PRO Wire Tracing Kit is an essential tool for any wiring job. This professional grade kit includes an analog tone generator and tracing probe for non-energized wiring. It features 5 distinct cadences, allowing it to transmit signals for over 1000 feet. Its RJ11 plug and RJ45 data jacks make it easy to confirm polarity and test for continuity, while its ABN clips and terminal block give you secure connections to wires. Plus, the work light on the probe tip is perfect for low light areas. Going the extra mile, the kit also includes a padded pouch for convenient storage.
  • Type: Tone Generator Tracing Probe
  • Application: Wire Toning & Tracing
  • Special Features: Angled Bed of Nails with (ABN) Clips, 5 Distinct Cadences, Worklight
  • Overall Length: 7'' (17.8 cm)
  • Overall Height: 12'' (30.5 cm)
  • Overall Width: 3'' (7.6 cm)
  • Material: Plastics, Metal, PCB Boards and LEDs
  • Batteries: 8 x AAA
  • Included: VDV500-123 Probe-Pro Tracing Probe; VDV500-063 Toner-Pro Tone Generator; VDV770-500 Pouch; 8 x AAA Batteries
  • Weight: 13.1 oz (0.37 kg)
  • UPC: 092644692192

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