iFixit IF145-523-1 Precision Cleaning Kit

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Effective maintenance of your devices includes regular cleaning, which can extend their lifespan. Unfortunately, today's electronics have small components and tight spaces that can accumulate dirt and debris over time. iFixit's Precision Cleaning Kit offers a variety of specialized tools to tackle hard-to-reach areas. These tools are designed for reuse, so make sure to keep them clean between projects. Kit Contents include a Spudger, Halberd Spudger, Angled Tweezers, DeoxIT D100L, Cylindrical Brush, Medium Foam Tipped Swab, Precision Foam Tipped Swab, Precision Tipped Micro Brushes, Small Detailing Brush, Plastic Pick and Brush Combo, and Lint-Free Cleanroom Wipes. Follow-up with a dusting using the small detailing brush for the best results.

Kit Contents

  • Spudger
  • Halberd Spudger
  • Angled Tweezers
  • DeoxIT D100L
  • Cylindrical Brush
  • Medium Foam Tipped Swab
  • Precision Foam Tipped Swab
  • Precision Tipped Micro Brushes
  • Small Detailing Brush
  • Plastic Pick and Brush Combo
  • Lint-Free Cleanroom Wipes

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