iFixit IF145-118-1 Precision Screw Extractor Set

SKU: IF145-118-1 MFR# IF145-118-1

Sale price$24.95


The iFixit IF145-118-1 Precision Screw Extractor Set can safely remove stripped screws without damaging your device. No longer will you need to resort to risky methods like coating the device with wax and feathers or throwing it into the sun. With hardened bits featuring four sharp points, this set can easily grip and extract even the toughest stripped screws. The extractor tips are also double-sided and reversible, giving you a total of 5 different bits to choose from. And with machined aluminum handles, a swivel top, and pocket clip, this set is both durable and convenient. Made in the USA with a lifetime guarantee, it's the perfect addition to any toolkit.

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