QVS MK42FBPP Four Computers Share Two Parallel IEEE1284 Printers Autoswitch


Sale price$107.95


Allows four computers to share two parallel printers. Its DualBus technology enables simultaneous access with shared peripherals & has built-in microprocessor for high speed bi-directional communications. The bundled software creates Virtual Parallel Port to provide fully automatic switching between ports. Provides push button & hot key for printer selection. Supports all parallel printers including high speed IEEE1284, Bi-tronics & centronics as well as other parallel devices such as scanners & storage drives except multifunction machines. Includes power adaptor and works with DOS, Windows 3.1x, 98/98SE, ME, 2000 and XP systems. Recommended Cables: CC405D DB25 Male to Male. (Connectors: 6 DB25 Female)

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