D-Line US/CZ252.5W 8.2ft 1" Cable Zipper - White

SKU: US/CZ252.5W MFR# US/CZ252.5W

Sale price$23.95


  • 8.2ft Length
  • 1 Inch Outer Diameter
  • Scissor Cut to Length
  • Quick and Easy to Use
  • Ideal to Conceal & Protect Cables
  • Insert Cables in Zip Tool, Pull Zip Tool Along Length
  • Flexible Design and Resistant to Oils/Lubricants, Acids & Alkalis
  • Suitable for use around Plant and Machinery
  • Operating Temperature -22ºF to +185ºF
  • Zip Tool Included
  • White Color
The D-Line US/CZ252.5W Cable Zipper in white is 8.2ft long with a 1 inch outer diameter. It can be easily cut with scissors to fit your specific needs and is perfect for concealing and protecting cables. The zip tool included makes it simple to insert cables and pull the tool along the length of the Zipper. Its flexible design is resistant to oils, lubricants, acids, and alkalis, making it suitable for use around plants and machinery. With an operating temperature range of -22ºF to +185ºF, this Cable Zipper is ideal for longer cable runs and can be used for multiple cables at once.
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Cavity Size: 1" Diameter
  • Available Colors: Black or White
  • Dimensions: 8.2' length x 1" diameter; can be scissor cut, if required
  • Weight 0.5 lb
  • Color: White

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