D-Line US/CP22QSW-5PK 5-Pack 1/4 Round Coupler Cable Raceway Accessory - White


Sale price$4.79


  • 1/4 Round Raceway Coupler
  • Joins 2 0.87" (W) x 0.87" (H) Raceway
  • Easy-to-Install
  • Forgives Poor Cuts
  • Paintable Surface
  • Robust ABS Material
  • 5-Pack
The D-Line Cable Raceway Accessory includes clip-over accessories with rear grip tabs and a robust ABS material. These accessories are designed to be easily installed and can be painted if needed. Additionally, they are able to fit in the gap between a flat surface and the D-Line length thanks to the depth of the rear foam-tape, making them forgiving of poor cuts and imprecise measuring. For best results, use a fine sandpaper to scuff the surface before painting.

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