Cougar DS10 10-Port USB-C RGB Docking Station


Sale price$139.99


  • RGB Mirror Reflections
  • HDMI Dual-monitor Outputs at 4K/60Hz for Ultra-details
  • Single USB-A and USB-C up to 10Gb/s High-speed Transfer
  • SD Card Reader up to UHS II for Professional Utilization
  • Extensive Application: Max. 100W for Convenience
COUGAR DS10 Docking Station is born to expand your limited I/O ports from your laptop PC. Its dual 4K/60Hz ultra-high displays and fast-speed USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports will enlarge your productivity once again. By connecting your 100W adapter, you will have sufficient power to keep your work done without clutter cable management. By inserting the SD card and ethernet port, you are an efficient content creator. One more thing, with RGB and lighting identity spirits, COUGAR DS10 is the best laptop gaming gear.

More Than a Dull Box
The DS10 Docking Station is not just a dull, monotonous, aluminum-extruded stereotype design. With COUGAR’s identity, DS10 intends to design as a rugged casing and scratch-resistant surface, and by gaming soul, not only RGB lighting but mirror-reflex layers create a vivid focus. There will be one more shine-on on your desk.

Enlarge Productivity
Expand your productive devices through a cable: Monitors, mice, keyboard, headset, hard-drive, physical ethernet cord, SD cards, and more.

Expand Your Visions
With one HDMI connection, COUGAR DS10 can reach a 4K display without trouble. When the DS10 connects two HDMI ports, it allows your laptop PC to expand to two additional monitor extensions with the 4K displays and 60Hz refresh rates. While the monitor expansion, the productivity will be more efficient than usual.

Power to Win
COUGAR DS10 has a pass-through Power Delivery port, and by connecting to the adapter, it will keep the laptop charged and organized the tidiness of your desktop.

The USB Type-C charging cable and Power adapter is not included.
To reach the best power and transfer performance of USB and SD Cards, it’s highly recommended to connect the power.
  • COUGAR DS10 Docking Station
  • Product Name: DS10
  • Power Delivery ( The port connects by the power adapter through USB Type-C. ): Up to 100W
  • HDMI: HDMI x 2 ( Max. Dual Displays 4K/60Hz )
  • LAN Ethernet: Up to 1000M
  • SD Card Reader: UHS-II
  • USB Type-A 3.1: Gen1 x 2 , Gen2 x 1
  • USB Type-C 3.1: Gen2 x 1
  • Audio Port: 4-pole Audio
  • LED Switch: RGB
  • To Host: USB Type-C
  • Dimension (mm): 162 x 78 x 30
  • Weight (g): 200.7

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