CAIG Laboratories RSF-R39-8G Rosin No-Clean Soldering Flux


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CAIG Laboratories RSF-R39-8G Rosin No-Clean Soldering Flux is a highly effective rosin flux, surpassing the activity of water-white rosin. It is ideal for electrical and electronic soldering tasks and is especially useful for repairing and reworking printed circuit boards. This USA-made product comes in a smooth and tacky amber paste appearance. Its viscosity, tack strength, fineness of grind, and acid and halide content all meet industry standards, including IPC J-STD-004. It has also been tested and shown to have excellent shelf life, passing industry tests for nonflammability and noncorrosiveness. No refrigeration is required for this product, and it can be safely left on circuit boards after reflow without needing to be cleaned. Professionals can rely on this product for consistent and reliable results, making it a valuable addition to any soldering toolkit.

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