CAIG Laboratories HSC67-6G Silicone Heat Sink Compound - 6g


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CAIG Laboratories HSC67-6G Silicone Heat Sink Compound - 6g Optimize Heat Transfer for Electronics and ComponentsThermally conductive compounds, such as silicone-based greases filled with heat-conductive metal oxides, are designed to effectively transfer heat away from electronic devices to heat sinks or chassis. By creating a strong heat sink seal, these compounds promote high thermal conductivity, low bleed, and stability at high temperatures. This results in cooler devices and improved efficiency and reliability over time. Acting as a "thermal bridge," these materials efficiently remove heat from a device to the ambient environment. When applying this compound, be sure to cover all mounting and threaded surfaces of the device and chassis. The formula contains a blend of zinc oxide and polydimethyl siloxane. It is rated for thermal conductivity of 0.67 watts per meter K and has a specific gravity of 2.1 @ 25°C. With a viscosity of 542000 mPa.s.

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