BES BELL3818 3/8" x 18" High Speed Steel Bell Hanger Bit


Sale price$20.95


This B.E.S. 3/8" x 18" High-Speed Steel Bell hanger's Bit is designed for fast, clean hole drilling with its aggressive 118-degree cutting tip and fast spiral flutes made of premium M2 grade steel. Its solid shaft provides stability, while the beveled shanks improve grip in all drill chucks. You can trust this bit to cut through wood, metal, nails, and screws with precision. Plus, it comes with a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects. Made in the USA, this bit is crafted from premium M2 grade high-speed steel and has a durable spring steel shaft. Its fast spiral flute and 118-degree cutting tip ensure efficient debris removal and reduced drag. The bright finish adds a professional touch to this top-quality bit.
  • Bit Material: Premium M2 Grade High Speed Steel (HSS)
  • Shaft Material: Spring Steel
  • Drill Style: Fractional
  • Flute: Fast Spiral
  • Cutting Tip: 118 Degree
  • Finish: Bright

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