ASUS Prime X670-P ATX Desktop Motherboard - AMD X670 Chipset - AM5 Socket

SKU: Prime X670-P MFR# Prime X670-P

Sale price$199.99


The ASUS Prime X670-P ATX Desktop Motherboard, featuring a AM5 socket and AMD X670 chipset, is designed for optimal performance with AMD Ryzen 7000-series processors. With a sturdy power design, advanced cooling features, and customizable tuning options, the PRIME X670-P allows users and PC enthusiasts to achieve their desired level of productivity through intuitive software and firmware capabilities. The ASUS PRIME series offers comprehensive controls for fine-tuning your system, allowing for maximum productivity based on your unique needs. Additionally, the PRIME X670 series includes multiple onboard heatsinks and hybrid fan headers to ensure efficient cooling and stability, even under heavy workloads. An M.2 heatsink is included to prevent throttling and maintain optimal performance for M.2 storage during sustained transfers.

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