ARCTIC P8 MAX 80mm High Speed PWM Case Fan - Black


Sale price$12.95


  • 12VDC 3.2V 0.19A
  • 500–5000 RPM Fan Speed
  • 40 cfm Airflow
  • 5.3 mmH2O Static Pressure
  • 0.6 Sone Noise Level
  • Dual Ball Bearings
  • 6-Year Limited Warranty
The ARCTIC P8 Max PWM Fan in Black offers precise control over fan speed through pulse width modulation, ranging from 500 to 5000 rpm. It is highly efficient, requiring only 0.19 A, making it ideal for 2U server racks that require a strong airflow to dissipate heat. This fan boasts a static pressure of 5.3 mmH2O and can deliver airflow of up to 40 cfm. Additionally, the P8 Max features a 0 dB mode for silent operation during idle periods. With its Japanese NMB ball bearing, the P8 Max has a long service life and is perfect for use on heat sinks, radiators, and filters. It is also highly adaptable, able to operate silently during low airflow needs and provide maximum performance when necessary. To ensure the highest quality for our customers, we conduct long-term tests in various conditions and offer a six-year manufacturer's guarantee for the P8 Max.
  • Fan Speed: 500–5000 rpm, (0 rpm under 5% PWM)
  • Airflow: 40 cfm | 67.96 m³/h
  • Static Pressure: 5.3 mmH2O
  • Noise Level: 0.6 Sone
  • Operating Ambient Temperature: 0—40 °C
  • MTTF: > 500.000 h
  • Warranty: 6 Years
  • Fan Frame: Standard
  • Control Type: Pulse Width Modulation — PWM
  • Connector: 4-Pin Connector
  • Fan Bearing: Dual Ball Bearing
  • Typical Voltage: 12 V DC
  • Starting Voltage: 3.2 V
  • Current | Voltage: 0.19 A | 12 V DC
  • Cable Length: 400 mm
  • Length: 80 mm
  • Width: 80 mm
  • Height: 25 mm
  • Weight: 84 g

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