Altex Preferred MFG RM-KIT-SWITCH 19" Universal Adjustable Rack Ears Rack Mount Kit


Sale price$23.95


  • Adjustable Rack Mount Kit - The shorter distance between the two mounting holes is 29mm(1.14 inch), and the longer distance is 40mm(1.57 inch). You can adjust the installation distance according to the size of your switch. As long as the hole spacing of your switch is within this range, it is applicable.
  • Each kit contains 2 adjustable rack mount ears, 8 sets of switch screws(M3 + M4), 4 sets of cabinet kits (screws + snaps). Perfect for 17.3 inch switch rack mounting needs.
  • This mounting ear not only supports hanging the switch on the rack cabinet, but also can be mounted on the wall.
  • The mounting hole distance is 29-40mm, which can be adjusted, suits for more switch models. It is also good for some speaker rack mount kit.
The RM-KIT-SWITCH 19" Universal Adjustable Rack Ear Rack Mount Kit ensures a secure mount for 17.3 inch switches. It features adjustable rack mount ears for a distance of 29-40mm, and comes with 8 sets of switch screws and 4 sets of cabinet kits to easily install the switch to a rack or wall. Its versatility helps you mount your switch with the utmost precision, strength, and stability.

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