Altex Preferred MFG CO039 144-Piece Drywall Anchor Kit with Screws

SKU: CO039 MFR# CO039

Sale price$19.95


  • 144-Piece Drywall Anchor Kit with Screws
  • 6 Sizes Plastic Wall Anchors
  • Self-Tapping Screws
  • Organizer Case
  • This kit contains 7 sizes and 6 colors for you to deal with multiple different drywall
  • The wall anchors are made of high-quality plastic to ensure high strength.
  • Screws are made of high quality stainless steel
  • The drywall anchors and screws kit are perfectly designed to increase holding power.
  • The wall anchors with screws kit are easy to Install , perfect for blinds, shelf, arts and so on. Providing a flush, clean appearance in drywall
  • The dry wall anchor kits comes with a well-built clear plastic organizer box, which keeps screws and plastic anchors of each size neatly and clearly
  • Various Size - Anchors of different sizes have different colors to help you distinguish them during use.
  • These ribbed plastic anchors are a simple ,lightweight solution to a range of drywall issues.
  • These high-quality wall anchors and screws are ideal for drywalls, brick walls, concrete walls, wooden walls, stucco walls and more.
This 144-Piece Drywall Anchor Kit with Screws is perfect for anchoring objects into drywall. Made of high-quality plastic and stainless steel for increased strength and durability, this kit has 7 sizes and 6 colors for a variety of purposes. It also includes a clear organizer box for easy access and storage. Install quickly and securely to make a flush and clean appearance with ultimate holding power.

Package Includes

  • 30-Pieces
    • Self-Tapping Screws M4*25
  • 15-Pieces
    • Expansion Tube Yellow 5x22mm
    • Expansion Tube Red 5x22mm
  • 10-Pieces
    • Expansion Tube Dark Blue 7x25mm
    • Self-Tapping Screws M5*25
    • Expansion Tube Blue 7x32mm
    • Self-Tapping Screws M7*35
    • Cone Expansion Tube
    • Self-Tapping Screws M4*25
  • 8-Pieces
    • Percussion Type Expansion Tube 6x25mm
    • Expansion Tube Green 8x40mm
    • Self-Tapping Screws M3*20


  1. Drilling holes on the wall first, the depth, and diameter of punching must correspond to the size of the product
  2. The plastic anchors is knocked into the wall with a rubber hammer
  3. Anchors aligns the holes to ensure that it can match the size of Wall anchors
  4. Insert the screw and twist clockwise
  5. Make sure that the screws are aligned with the Hallow Wall anchors

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