Altex Preferred MFG 60 Pieces 12 Values High Quality Slow Blow Glass Fuse Kit - 5x20mm 250V T0.5A 1A 1.25A 1.6A 2A 2.5A 3A 3.15A 4A 5A 6.3A 10A


Sale price$17.95


This Altex Preferred MFG fuse kit contains 60 pieces and 12 different values of high-quality slow blow glass fuses. The fuses are designed for a voltage of 250V and have a dimension of 5x20mm/0.2x0.78 inch. The assortment includes 12 different models ranging from 0.5A to 10A. Each model is represented by 5 fuses, making a total of 60 fuses in a clear plastic box.

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