Altex Preferred MFG 60-Piece 28~14AWG Lever Wire Connectors Lever Nuts Assortment Kit


Sale price$19.99


The Altex Preferred MFG 60-Piece Lever Nuts Assortment Kit offers quick and easy wiring with unparalleled safety and durability. With universal compatibility and versatile applications, it is an ideal choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. No tools are required to use lever wire connectors, making wiring work efficient and hassle-free. Save up to 500px of wire length with our vertical connection terminal technology, reducing working hours and costs by over 80%. Made of high-quality, insulating, and flame-retardant materials, these connectors are corrosion-resistant, aging-resistant, and anti-leakage, ensuring maximum safety and extending their service life. Suitable for a wide range of wire sizes, 28-12 AWG solid wire and 28-14 AWG flexible wire, these connectors work with single-strand and multi-strand wires for added convenience.

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