QVS MHDCP-EQD3 60-Meter 1080i/p HDTV/HDCP DVI EQ AV Extender


Sale price$57.95


Extends DVI HDTV/HDCP signal up to 60-Meter. As alternative to expensive fiber solutions, it uses DVI EQ high performance copper cables allowing the extender to actively regenerate the signal and supports 1080p up to 60-Meter. Works with LCD/LED monitor, plasma display, projector, switch, splitter, HDTV/HDCP, set-top box and DVD with DVI port. Includes universal AC power adaptor. ** Recommended for use with 24AWG or 26AWG DVI cable. Performance varies on quality of cable. DVI cable not included. (Connectors: 2 DVI-I Female, DC Female; Single Link; Power Adaptor: 100-240v; 5v 1000mA)

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