QVS MSV604P4PC 400MHz 4Port VGA Video Splitter/Distribution Amplifier with Port On/Off Switch


Sale price$62.95


Connect four monitors to one computer and broadcast to multiple monitors simultaneously with the VGA video splitter. This video splitter has On/Off push button on each port that allows you to turn on the display on specific ports and works well for privacy applications or when there is a projector connected. Most projectors go into power-saving mode when there is no video signal. Its built-in video extender ensures clear and sharp images as far as 213ft away from the CPU. Use video splitter to enhance your presentations as well as broadcasting of real-time data. It is ideal for classrooms & training facilities, and remote security monitoring. To ensure the best video integrity, the video splitter has a high bandwidth of 400MHz, up to 2048x1536 maximum resolution and a two level cascade capability that provides for future expansion. Supports analog plasma screen & flat panel, projectors and any VGA monitor types & sizes. Includes power adaptor. Recommended Cables: CC388 Series HD15 Male to Male. (Connectors: 1 HD15 Female; 4 HD15 Female)

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