QVS MDVID-MF Mini-DVI Male to DVI-D Female Digital Video Adaptor


Sale price$19.95


Converts Mini-DVI into DVI port. Works with Apple iMac, MacBook, Powerbook and any DVI monitor or HDTV including LED/LCD, plasma and projectors. It can also be used in combination with the DVI to ADC adaptor to connect your computer to an older Apple flat panel Studio or Cinema Displays with an ADC connector. Supports extended desktop and screen mirroring. Features transfer bandwidth of 165MHz(4.95Gbps) to 340MHz(10.2Gbps), ultra high density, triple shielding, and high intensity twisted pairs for most stabilized impedance and highest uncompressed digital video signal transfer available. It maintains high bandwidth and maximum data signal integrity. (Connectors: Mini-DVI Male to DVI-D Female)

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