LG 32HL710S-W 31.5" 4K LCD Monitor - 16:9

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4K Surgical DisplayLarge Display for Surgical Precision

LG 4K surgical high-resolution monitor with LG's innovative technology provides accuracy, user convenience and reliability for precise surgery.

31.5 (80.01cm) 4K IPSEnhanced Accuracy with Wide View

With 31.5 (80.01cm) 4K IPS display, the LG surgical monitor provides visual comfort for viewing accurate images with others from any angle. So it reduces the risk of misperception and helps to produce better outcomes.

sRGB 115% (Area), Over 99% (Coverage)

The 32HL710S, supports sRGB 115% (Area) and Over 99% (Coverage) with the standard DICOM Part 14, is designed for accurate color recognition and depth perception during invasive surgery. It enables surgeons to view accurate, realistic images and allow precise surgery.

Brightness Stabilization

LG surgical monitor with Brightness Stabilization can maintain constant brightness. Its sensor carefully measures the backlight and local lighting conditions. Then it optimizes the correct brightness for the surgical procedure.

Support HDR10

LG surgical monitor is designed to fits with HDR-supported medical devices such as endoscope cameras. It can deliver images from devices vividly without crushing blacks in dark areas.

PBP, PIP & Multi-inputMultiple Signals on One Screen

The 32HL710S supports up to 4PBP, PIP and extended ports, allowing you to see multiple signals from several devices on one screen. You can set a combination screen of the endoscopic video from endoscopic camera, the vital sign imagery and the fluoroscopic imagery.

Mirror & RotationFind the Perfect Operating View

The 32HL710S with Mirror & Rotate functions, helps you to set the perfectly optimized operating view for improving your convenience in the operating room. You can select the 180 degrees rotated image or the mirror image you want to see.

Dustproof & Water Resistant

To ensure protection against contact with objects such as blood or bodily fluids, LG surgical monitors are cleanable and durable, with ratings of IP35 on the front and IP32 on the body except for front, securing them from any direction.

  • 31.5 (80.01cm) 4K (3840x2160) IPS
  • Support HDR10
  • Mirror & Rotation Mode
  • Up to 4PBP, PIP
  • Dustproof, Water Resistant
  • Protection mirror

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