QVS BP-4800WHD 4800mAh USB Battery Power Bank Kit for Smartphones and Tablets


Sale price$23.95


Extend and recharge your smartphone, tablet, e-readers and MP3 players battery. It has built-in LED flashlight with high capacity 4800mAh compact design allows you to carry it in your pocket or purse. Use existing device cable to connect to the power bank or use the included 10.5 Inches Micro-USB power cable. Battery LED status indicator shows remaining battery level. This battery pack can be recharge by any USB charger for smartphone or tablet. CE, RoHS and FCC compliant. (Color: White; Input/Output: 5vDC 1Amp; Battery Type: Li-Ion; ; Re-Charging Life Cycle: Up to 500: Dimensions 3.54x1.89x0.79 Inches)

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