QVS DPX-0.5F 0.5ft DisplayPort Digital A/V UltraHD 4K PortSaver Black Extension Cable with Latches


Sale price$12.95


PortSavers protect the wear and tear of ports! This Male to Female cable provides pigtail connection on DP port where there is a tight space or the port is being used for testing purposes. It can also be used as extension cable. Works with any computer or display with DisplayPort port. It has latching connector for secure port connection. Supports high-definition resolution up to 1080p @ 60Hz or UHD 4K/60Hz (3840x2160), 10.8Gbps bandwidth, and optional audio. DisplayPort v1.2, HDCP and DPCP compliant. (Connectors: DP Male to Female; Length: 0.5ft; Color: Black)

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